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Why YOU Should Participate...

Sit back, breathe and focus on your career in a unique environment where your professional growth will be nothing short of phenomenal.

Liberate your creative side in stimulating discussions and idea-generating sessions that take problem solving to a whole new level.

Get involved in hands-on exercises and practice sessions where you can try out new skills in a “team” environment.

Receive management and motivation information you simply cannot afford to be without.

So, whether you have one or 500 supervisors/managers to train in your organization, Supervisor Essentials Workshop is the answer.
The Supervisor Essentials workshop is designed to provide the necessary tools and skills that will help you become an effective and influential leader in your business or workplace. The workshop consists of presentations, practice situations, experiential exercises, and opportunities for both individual and group feedback.

October 24: "Hot Topics in the Workplace for Supervisors and Managers"

It doesn't matter whether you oversee the huge recruiting department of a Fortune 500 company or if you are the general manager of a small company: If your responsibility consists of supervising or managing others then hot issues will always spring to the forefront.

Today more than ever, you know how important it is to step meticulously while meeting the company’s needs and avoid violating job applicants’ or employees’ civil rights and so much more. Just think for a moment, what are the topics most discussed among supervisors and managers today?

Certainly, you have a list with no end. In this final session of the Supervisor Essentials workshop some of the most popular of these topics will be addressed to include: Substance Abuse in the Workplace, Business Law 101 for Supervisors and Managers, Performance Evaluations and The Inevitable Communication Dilemma in the Workplace. Leave this session motivated, educated and prepared to forge into 2013 ahead of the game.

Registration deadline: Tuesday, October 23.

Door registration. Click here for details.


Workshop Sessions

Session 1: "OUTBREAK- Combating Substance Abuse in the Workplace"
PRESENTER: Denese Henderson (Behavioral Health Services of South Georgia)

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 75% of all adult illicit drug users are employed, as are most binge and heavy alcohol users. As a supervisor or manager in your workplace, you play a critical role in keeping your workplace safe. Yet there remains a great deal of denial as well as numerous misconceptions among many employers about who is using illicit drugs and alcohol, and how this can directly impact their bottom line. To add to this dilemma, prescription drug abuse is on the rise along with many other 'substances' like medical marijuana. In this session you will learn why it is important to ensure a drugfree workplace, receive tips on identifying signs and symptoms of substance abuse and learn of the options available for assistance to your employees and colleagues.

Session 2: "Business Law 101 for Supervisors and Managers"
PRESENTER: Emily Macheski-Preston (Coleman Tally LLP)

Are you absolutely certain about which job-interview questions spark lawsuits? Or which words written in performance evaluations are almost guaranteed to trigger discrimination lawsuits? Do you thoroughly understand the recent changes to employment-related laws, and how the federal administration is cracking down on employer and manager mistakes? This session will address the legal implications and consequences supervisors and managers must know regarding employment law responsibilities.

Session 3: "ROUNDUP: Performance Evaluations"
PRESENTER: Anne Turner, SPHR (SmithBarnas & Associates, Inc.)

Year end is quickly approaching and you know what that got it...PERFORMANCE EVALUTATIONS. Exciting? Absolutely! There are ways to conduct these meetings so that everyone benefits. In this session you will learn how to accomplish just that and more.

Session 4: "Shhh, please listen: It's All About Communication"
PRESENTER: Carla Carter-Jordan (Valdosta State University Cooperative Education)

Having effective communication in the workplace is the cornerstone of establishing trust within teams and making productivity improvement gains in their performance. Sometimes you only find this out the hard way! In this session you will gain tools on the most effective ways to improve communication in your workplace.

Important Information

Cost. $25 for Chamber Members and $45 for all others (all inclusive registration: breakfast, workshop materials, networking, opportunity for one-on-one coaching and lunch).

Registration table opens at 7:30 a.m. Chamber registrars will greet you, assist you with registration, hand you your workshop materials and direct you toward your seat. You will also want to enjoy nutritious breakfast and meet other professionals from the local area. Plan to be registered and ready to begin at 8:00a.m.

We begin promptly at 8 a.m. and wrap up at noon. Lunch is provided immediately at the end of the workshop. If you can remain, invite another participant to enjoy lunch with you. You can network and share information learned at the workshop.

Parking. Georgia Department of Labor Valdosta Career Center is in a convenient location with courteous staff and lots of FREE parking.

Please no audio recording, video recording nor photo taking.

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