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Pro-Business Enhancement
The Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber is dedicated to the goals of IMPACT 2012 to enhance the pro-business environment of Valdosta-Lowndes County providing events and services that help businesses make more informed and timely business decisions.


The Valdosta And Lowndes Expansion Team (VALET) is at your service. VALET was established to foster and assist business development in Lowndes County, by bringing together all professionals and organizations in Lowndes County who provide service to businesses, industry and entrepreneurs. VALET connects businesses to resources to enhance the pro-business environment of our community.

"No Wrong Door" Philosophy

VALET has adopted a "No Wrong Door" philosophy, meaning that no matter where you go to receive assistance with starting or expanding your business you will be provided useful and timely information the first time, every time.
VALET provides:
1. Access to a VALET member for the assistance with starting or expanding your business
2. "No Wrong Door" Planning and Zoning Guide
3. Special Ombudsmen Response Team
4. Business Outlook Breakfast
5. South Georgia Partnership for Regional Development

"No Wrong Door" Planning and Zoning Guide

The “No Wrong Door” guide is designed to assist you, the business owner, better understand the process of opening a physical location or expansion. Click below to download a copy of the “No Wrong Door” Planning and Zoining Guide. Learn more about the resources available to help you navigate through the planning, zoning, inspections, licensing and occupation process in Valdosta or Lowndes County

Click here for the No Wrong Door Planning and Zoing Guide.


Special Ombudsman Response Team (SORT), is a rapid responder to business owners who encounter obstacles in the business start up or expansion process. If you would like to request assistance with an issue within the business development process, click here.