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Operation Moody Transition

Local and regional employers interested in Operation Moody Transition events and resources should click the Employers button for more information.

Active or retired members of the Armed Forces should click on the Military Personnel button to learn how Operation Moody Transition can assist you and your families.
Since its inception in 1941, Moody AFB has been a key economic engine to the region by creating jobs, providing human capital, and increasing commerce within its surrounding communities. Not only does the potential removal of missions and manpower lead to uncertainty within the economy, but it also leads to uncertainty in the lives of the brave men and women who protect and serve our country. Our goal is to provide options for our heroes in the United States Armed Forces as well as their families should they need assistance now or in the years to come.

Operation Moody Transition is designed to support military personnel with locating job opportunities, starting new businesses, and furthering their education upon early release from the Armed Forces. Additionally, this initiative aims to promote the retention and employment of Moody Air Force Base airmen, early release personnel, and veterans by local and regional employers. 

For more information about Operation Moody Transition, contact Karil Brockington at 229-247-8100 ext. 228 or