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Service Member Skills and Experience

Individuals who work in Security possess law enforcement and crisis management experience. They have been entrusted with both personal and asset security. In addition, these service members are able to effectively lead people and coordinate group efforts to accomplish team goals.

Military members who work in Civil Engineering are skilled manufacturers and asset managers. These individuals are effective communicators and experts with supply chain management. Civil engineers are also proficient with managing budgets and equipment.  

Personnel involved with Maintenance are experienced with general operations, storage and distribution, contracts, IT systems, and technical orders. They have been a part of emergency response teams, operated as mechanics, and worked on dispatch jobs.

Individuals from Logistics possess a minimum of three years of experience and are highly trained in their specific field. They are experienced with vehicle maintenance and management as well as the transportation of human capital and assets. These members are aware of environmental concerns and would be a wonderful addition to your risk management team.

Military members are experienced with computers and software usage. They are also proficient with the latest technology, including Microsoft Office Suite and government issued iPhones. Furthermore, these men and women have passed financial and criminal background checks and are also able to pass drug tests.

Whether you have available career opportunities in law enforcement, security, education, private investigation, banking, information technology, manufacturing, or even engineering, these individuals are able to step up to the task. They have been trained in multiple specialties and possess a number of licenses and certifications required for their current positions, so they come to you fully qualified and ready to work.

Trustworthy. Efficient. Dedicated. Reliable. Hardworking.

Tax Credits

Your business can receive a tax credit from $2,400 to $9,600 by hiring veterans. Click here for more information about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program from the Georgia Department of Labor.
*For additional information, please contact our Local Veterans Employment Representative, Tony McKenzie, at (229) 333-7544.

Other Incentives

Workplace accommodations can be made at little to no cost with the assistance of Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

You have the honor of serving the brave men and women who have served our country.