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REINS Act Heads to the House Floor

Tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 8, the REINS Act will be debated on the House floor beginning around noon with a vote later in the day.

Despite our nation’s reliance on job growth for economic recovery, increased regulatory burdens are instead stopping companies from hiring, with employers citing 'regulatory uncertainty' as their top concern.

These burdens are imposed through a system that operates without effective checks and balances, or accountability. Currently nearly all major regulations go into effect without our elected representatives in Congress ever voting on them.

Recently, measures in the House and Senate were introduced to ensure we have a voice in the regulatory process by ensuring that all new rules are approved by our elected officials.

The health care overhaul, financial regulatory reform, and EPA efforts ensure small businesses will only continue to be inundated with massive new regulations, continuing to impair their ability to create jobs or grow.

Encourage your members of Congress to support the REINS Act, which would ensure regulations are implemented in a more transparent, cost-effective, and rational manner, limiting their devastating impact on small businesses.