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Helping Your Child Succeed was unveiled in March 2008 thanks to the generous support of Regal Marine and many community volunteers. Regal Marine has committed $40,000 over the next five years to implement and maintain this parental involvement program. "So often we hear it said that the secret to kids' success in school is having parents who understand the importance of education," said Greg Justice (Plant Manager, Regal Marine), who chairs the Chamber's Workforce Development & Education Division. "Parents who can participate in PTO activities have the opportunity to receive this information, but many families these days are single-parent, or both parents may be working different shifts. Regal Marine and the Chamber feel it is important to reach those families, and provide information that can support busy, working parents and help their children be successful in school.”

This IMPACT 2012 Initiative is designed to reach parents in the workplace to reinforce the importance of parental involvement in their children's education. During this 30-minute presentation, two volunteers from the local business and school community present current local statistics of our future workforce, emphasizing the importance of education and discussing the relationship between school and work. Each parent is provided with a workbook with information on time management, homework tips and much more. This program encourages parents to value their child’s education, and gives them practical tips to help their children succeed by staying involved in their education and life. A complimentary lunch or breakfast is provided, making the workshop easy and enjoyable. This program is FREE to all Chamber members.