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Health Care-VBV

Health Care

‚ÄčThe Chamber supports legislative efforts to stabilize and enhance the trauma care network. The network should be supported either by existing government funds or additional revenue sources which are dedicated, predictable, broadly imposed and government-collected. Further, the allocation of such funds should be made in accordance with the formula established by the Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission. The Chamber supports public and private funding options for safety net clinics that provide access to health care for the working uninsured to ensure that present and future needs are met. The Chamber supports monitoring and protecting the important legal and civil justice reforms that were adopted in 2005 including the requirement to prove gross negligence with regard to emergency room liability, the elimination of joint and several liability and provisions to discourage frivolous litigation. The Chamber supports caps on non-economic damages and opposes legislation that further weakens the reforms of 2005 and supports the reduction of the rapid growth of medical liability awards and insurance costs. The Chamber supports the creation of insurance products and the development of health information technology that provide incentives to reward healthy lifestyles and quality information system so consumers have full access to information with appropriate consideration for cost effectiveness.

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