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Why Do Businesses Participate?

Businesses participate because they have a desire to:

  • See children succeed

  • Strengthen the workforce of tomorrow

  • Improve employee moral

  • Decrease turnover

  • Reach out to parents

What do former business participants say about the program?

“As a parent, I strongly believe education begins in the home through both parent involvement and effective communication between the home and school. In today’s fast-paced world, so many new parents struggle in getting their children pointed in the right direction for a prosperous future. The Helping Your Child Succeed Program through the Valdosta/Lowndes Chamber of Commerce has been a huge asset to me in providing the employees of Langdale Place with the knowledge and information needed to foster a successful educational future for their children. This program is a valuable resource and excellent investment for our area businesses. After all, investing time in strengthening a child’s foundation is also an investment in strengthening our future workforce and business community."

-Ansley Panizzi, Assistant Director (Langdale Place)
As an employer, I think a program like this is important to the current and future workforce as it really hits home how much the job market changes and how quickly. It really points out that if we want to better ourselves, we need to continuously take part in educational and training opportunities. Most importantly, if we want our children to succeed we need to encourage them to be prepared and to further their education.

I would definitely recommend this to other businesses. Participation in this workshop not only emphasizes what is happening at an individual level but the competition that will be faced at a company/business level. It is an eye opener to realize the United States is no longer globally dominate in new technology and manufacturing. I think we all have known it but to see the facts and figures really compels one to want to take action.

As a parent of three and an employer, I don’t think our future workforce is prepared for success in this globally competitive society we now live in. I think we as parents and employers must become more involved with the schools in whatever way we can to enhance the educational value of a school day. This school day then needs to extend into the individual homes where many opportunities for learning, critical thinking, and problem solving exist.

Thank you so much for allowing Alpha ProTech to participate in this workshop.
Take care,

-Tasha Ekman, General Manager, Valdosta Facilities (Alpha ProTech Engineered)
"On behalf of everyone here at Georgia Power, I would like to thank you once again for making the time to come and speak with us this morning about the most important job we will ever have; making sure our children become responsible and productive adults, parents and citizens in our communities. Your presentation was well received and I've had several people tell me they really enjoyed it. If there is anything we can help with in the future, please let us know."

-Robby Hastings, Detail Manager (Georgia Power Company)
As an employer, it’s important to make our employees aware of the various programs in the community. The HYCS program, while short, provides the attendees a quick glimpse of why an education is so important for their children and what they as parents can do to help their children get the most out of their education.
The opening video is excellent! I would like to see a little more time spent reviewing the Parent Workbook that was distributed at the very end of the program and allowing for some Q&A thereafter.
I recommend this program to other businesses. It is a valuable tool to get parents thinking about their children’s education.

-Bill Simmons, Refinery/Packaging Plant Manager (ADM)