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Employment & Labor Law

‚ÄčThe Employment & Labor Law Policy Committee was formed to support, retain and nurture existing businesses and industry, and to attract and grow targeted new industries and businesses, principally through the support of legislation and initiatives at the State and Federal levels. In particular the committee seeks to encourage measures relating to labor, worker's compensation and unemployment laws and regulations that enhance the viability and profitability of business and industry. It is the committee's policy to advocate for increased access to capital and other incentives including tax based incentives that will promote economic development, to protect and strengthen Georgia's right to work laws, to promote safe and productive work environments, to pursue reforms to state and federal legislation and regulations affecting industry, to support immigration laws which take into account employers needs to have access to both skilled and unskilled labor, and to generally promote legislative and regulatory reforms that allow market force principles to work and guide Valdosta-Lowndes County businesses and industry.