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Community Blueprint

About the Community Blueprint

There is universal support for our warriors and families, and nonprofit services have grown and improved in communities across America. Still, there remain significant gaps that can only be filled by more focused planning and coordination. To address these gaps, several leaders from nonprofits, government and academia created an online Community Blueprint that helps local leaders assess and improve their community’s support for military families. The blueprint offers a growing database of advice on suggested practices for setting priorities, adopting strategies that work, and building coalitions to implement those strategies.

Blueprint focus areas:

1. Behavioral Health
2. Education
3. Employment
4. Family Strength
5. Financial/Legal
6. Homelessness
7. Reintegration
8. Volunteerism
Under each of these key headings will be five to seven Suggested Practice Actions that local leaders can implement.
The Community Blueprint initiative is led by a coalition that understands that no one organization has all of the answers. For the initiative to be successful, it will take collaboration, coordination, and focus.

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