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Firstly, I would recommend the program, specifically because it is encouraging for students to see young professionals in the classroom. Although the program did not give any religious basis for good choices, understandably, it did give concrete consequences for the choices the students might choose to make. The program mainly focuses on educational choices relating to their future, it might be nice to branch out and see how other poor choices can limit a student's future.

I would definitely recommend this program to other teachers. It is well designed/facilitated and can easily be incorporated into any class curriculum: health (lifestyle choices), history (choices good/bad historically), math (calculation of salaries/taxes) and English (uses of assigned essays).

Thank you again,

Jennifer Hummel
Science Educator
(Southland Academy)

The CHOICES program gives students the opportunity to look 10-15 years down the road at the life they want to have and determine what will be required of them to get there. That is a great exercise for anyone, and the younger you start making the right choices to get you to your desired life, the better off you will be. After participating in this workshop, students understand that dropping out of high school severely limits their future opportunities and no longer see this as an option. As a community member anytime you can improve the future of young people, you are making a positive impact on the success of your community. By creating a better workforce we enhance
our ability to attract quality employers to the area.

Curt Fowler
(Fowler & Company)
CHOICES Presenter