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Chamber Staff

Myrna Ballard

- Government Affairs
- Special Ombudsman Response Team
- South Georgia Military Affairs Council
- Chamber Community Council
- Barber Trust Advisory Board


Karil Brockington
Senior Director of Administration

- South Georgia Military
  Affairs Council

- Right Start Committee
- Member Referrals
- Ambassador Coordinator


Leslie Harris
Director of Marketing & Membership

- Marketing
- Membership
- Communications
- Sponsor Opportunities

Marla Merriman
Chamber Receptionist

Betty Morgan 
Vice President for Business Development

- SEEDS Business Resource Center
- Business Plan Competition
- Annual Economic Summit
- Business Outlook Breakfast
- Business University
- Leads Groups


Patty Martin
Director of Operations

- Administrative Support
- Member Referrals
- DRUGS DON'T WORK in South Georgia Coordinator


Kaitlyn Redish
Communications Coordinator

-Media Cares
-Publication Sales