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The Text Biz
by Chamber News on April 22nd, 2013

Small businesses do not need to think small. The Text Biz is very much a small business: a one-person enterprise that was started just over three years ago, in 2010, in Finland.  However, the content of the business is the English language, which means that publicity and marketing involve reaching out to companies and educational institutions in non-English speaking countries and regions around the world. Given the large size of this potential market, the exercise becomes a practical example of the adage “think global, act local”. 
Since the beginning of 2013, the text biz has been based in Valdosta and run by Bruce Marsland, putting it a greater physical distance from established customers. This means, though, that it is possible to make a positive use of different time zones.  A client in Europe can submit a draft text at the end of their business day; it can be picked up in the morning e-mail in Valdosta; and the text can then be edited and returned in time for the next European working day. Meanwhile, from the point of view of the Valdosta business community, every euro of revenue becomes fresh dollars in the local economy.
The text biz offers services that include editing, copywriting, English language education, and consultation in corporate style guidelines. Assignments have been completed for clients in Austria, Finland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.
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