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CJB Industries, Inc.
by Chamber News on April 22nd, 2013

Clinton Beeland founded CJB Industries, Inc. in March 1997 as a repair and assembly operation. Its first business was the removal of flashing from plastic termite spikes and assembling them for use as a monitor for termite activity. After working for a few months in two small locations with limited opportunity for growth, the search for a new location began.
A local businessman convinced CJB Industries to move to a 6,000 square foot enclosed pole barn and trailer office on Cypress Street. Soon after relocating, a customer asked if CJB Industries would like some tanks that the customer had in an idled plant in New Jersey. CJB Industries and the customer agreed on the tanks in exchange for a fee payable in manufacturing services. The tanks were moved, bringing CJB Industries, Inc. into the chemical business.
In 1999, CJB Industries landed contracts to produce paper coatings and a patented liter amendment. Expansion at this point was necessary, and a 40,000 square foot facility was built on Cypress Street in 2000. In 2002, additional facilities were needed, and again the Cypress Street location expanded, adding warehouse space, analytical and formulation labs and a corporate office. Shortly after the addition, CJB Industries entered automotive undercoating and the adhesive market. The following year they added structure to the business, becoming ISO-9001 and TS-16949 certified.
With an understanding of its competencies and with a focus on manufacturing services, CJB Industries, Inc. began expansion again in 2006 with the addition of a maintenance facility on Cypress Street and additional warehousing. CJB Industries became registered under the environmental standard, ISO-14001. During this time, they focused more on the agricultural market and its needs.
From 2006 to 2008, Cypress Street saw three more additions and the elimination of the original pole barn. During this time, CJB Industries was also proudly named a Ford Quality 1 Supplier.  CJB Industries also added people, as they were continually looking to hire the best. Processes for hiring were added, which included the Georgia Work Ready, or work KEYS, to ensure that employees hired are capable of the tasks given. Great people, great facilities and a defined focus continued to build CJB Industries, Inc.
2009 was a big year, marking the beginning of a multi-plant corporation, and with it, new opportunities. The Gil Harbin facility was purchased, which had Herbicide and Industrial Chemical production as its focus. Later that year, CJB Industries was awarded the Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber of Commerce “Manufacturer of the Year Award" for 2009.

The next year, the Gil Harbin facility expanded with liquid milling, dry processing operations and an equipped and staffed laboratory. Cypress Street grew yet again, adding more warehousing.
In 2011,  a vacant 1890’s building in Valdosta’s downtown area was purchased and completely renovated, keeping as much of the original historic architectural elements as possible. Today, it is conveniently situated two miles from each Valdosta plant, and to better support a multi-plant corporation, is being used as the CJB Industries, Inc. corporate headquarters. For this endeavor, CJB Industries won the 2012 Outstanding Achievement Award from the Valdosta Heritage Foundation.
CJB Industries, Inc. strongly believes in working whenever possible with Valdosta businesses, government concerns, VSU, SGMC, Moody Air Force Base and the Chamber. CJB Industries supports numerous events and charitable organizations around town with donations of time, money and sponsorship.
Thanks to hard work, dedicated employees and staying true to their values, from 1997 to the present, CJB Industries, Inc. has experienced average sales growth of 175 percent. Respect, integrity, trust, excellence and stewardship are the values that built CJB Industries, Inc., sustaining and carrying them into the future.

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