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Eye Associates of South Georgia, LLC
by Chamber News on April 19th, 2013

Eye Associates of South Georgia began with the opening of Dr. Moye’s private ophthalmology practice in 1973 with 12-15 employees. Over time, the practice grew and expanded to a new location at 3024 North Patterson Street, which remains the primary office of Eye Associates of South Georgia.  Eye Associates of South Georgia has grown and currently has 27 employees, including owners Dr. Cliff Courtenay and Dr. Albert Gonzalez.
In 1992, Dr. Cliff Courtenay joined Dr. Moye to create Eye Associates of South Georgia, LLC. Dr. Courtenay is an optometrist with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, as well as visual and optical conditions. Their goal was to expand the range and quality of patient care by offering both ophthalmology and optometric services. With an emphasis on patient service and improving technology, Eye Associates of South Georgia continued to grow.
In 1998, Eye Associates of South Georgia opened an ambulatory surgery center, which remains the only office-based eye surgery center in Lowndes County. The ambulatory surgery center has been successful in achieving its goal of delivering top quality out-patient surgical services to residents of South Georgia and North Florida.
In 2006, Eye Associates of South Georgia opened a separate administrative office on Oak Street. This facility serves as the administrative business office, but it also contains audiovisual equipment, space for staff management and educational presentations.
Albert Gonzalez, MD joined Eye Associates of South Georgia in 2008. Gonzalez is a board-certified ophthalmologist trained at the University of South Carolina. He completed his residency at the national Naval Medical Center in Bethesda. Dr. Gonzalez is the only general ophthalmologist in the area with sub-specialty training. In 2010, Dr. Moye retired and Dr. Gonzalez became half owner. Soon after, a major renovation of the Patterson Street office was completed in 2012.
The doctors and staff at Eye Associates of South Georgia remain committed to growing the practice by providing excellent eye care with a personal touch. Issues in technology, regulatory rules, third party payers and employment law all present constant challenges in managing an active business such as Eye Associates of South Georgia. Dedicated staff, modern equipment and continuing education are all necessary to negotiate the hurdles that exist in the delivery of health care.
Eye Associates of South Georgia attempts to recruit and retain the most talented and trained people as members of their staff. Eye Associates of South Georgia hires based on potential and works constantly on employee development. Staff meetings are conducted weekly, and individual training is an ongoing effort. Biweekly meetings with the doctors and management staff give Eye Associates of South Georgia the opportunity to fix any issues.
Eye Associates of South Georgia provides uniform allowances, health care allowances, birthday remembrances, quarterly meetings and company trips every other year to recognize employees. Eye Associates of South Georgia believes that their future success lies in the ability to change and adapt as conditions change in health care, and they cannot successfully do this without their employees.
Eye Associates of South Georgia is actively involved in the community and continues to give back when they can. They participate in the Valdosta State University’s Happening and Physical Education Day, Senior Living Showcase, Hahira Honey Bee Festival, Colquitt EMC Public Health Meeting Health Fair and several other activities.
Eye Associates of South Georgia continues to stay dedicated to being the leader in eye care delivery. They recognize that they cannot achieve their goals or success without their valuable employees and patients. Eye Associates of South Georgia remains true to their core values and knows they will continue to achieve growth for another 39 years.

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